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Happy pets and owners

Since we started in 2003, Pet Patrol 365 has given the highest standard of care and companionship to scores of pets. So there are a lot more happy pet owners around, all relishing the peace of mind, convenience and freedom they get whenever we look after their pets.

That explains why most of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

“Finding Zita has been fantastic! I feel completely comfortable leaving my cats in her very capable and caring hands when I go away.  Zita always lets me know what my cheeky monkeys are up to and has made extra visits to ensure all are safe and accounted for on a number of occasions!  I would highly recommend Pet Patrol 365!” Mrs Pizzie

With Pet Patrol 365 you get a professional, respectful and enthusiastic service delivered by a trustworthy and knowledgeable team.

Our aim is to:

To get exceptional pet care when you can’t be there, get in touch now with Pet Patrol 365.

Our guiding principles:

Pets and animals come first: Our main commitment. Their safety, happiness and well-being are more important to us than profit and convenience.

Commitment to clients: Our relationship with clients is second only to the needs of their pets. We make sure each client is 100% satisfied with the service we provide.

Integrity: Our clients entrust us with their pets and their homes. We handle this responsibility with the utmost respect.

Honesty: Each client receives the length and quality of adventure/walk/visit they have paid for every time. Any incident that occurs while caring for a pet is reported to the client.

Exceptional Solutions: We strive to provide an exceptional service to our clients on a daily basis.

Education: We implement continuous education and improvement in all aspects of pet and animal care.

Our range of pet care solutions is continually developing, but never at the risk of diluting the excellent level of care we’re committed to providing for every pet and animal in our care.

Don’t wait until you need us – contact us now and next time you’re away you’ll come home to a happier pet.

Got any questions?  Find some answers on our FAQ page.

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